‘Youths must understand mission of life’

Pune: Calling on the youth in Pune to work for the betterment of the country, Chief Executive Officer of Pune Metropolitan Regional Development Authority (PMRDA) Mahesh Zagade said the youth need to understand their mission in life.


“I believe higher implementation of law lowers corruption,” said Zagade at Sakal Media Group’s Young Inspirators Network’s (YIN) summer workshop ‘Chala Ghaduya Deshasathi’ (Let’s make it happen for the country), organised for students from Pune, Nashik and Ahmednagar.

Also present on the occasion were Deputy Managing Director of Ishwar Parmar Group Darshana Parmar, founder of Surydatta Group of Institutes Sanjay Chordiya, Sakal Editor Nandkumar Sutar, Resident Editor of Sakal’s Ahmednagar edition Bal Bothe-Patil, Chief Manager YIN Tejas Gujarathi among others.

While interacting with the youth, Zagade said, “At present the youths need to understand the mission of their life. Everybody must understand that being happy and at peace is very important. The journey must be everyone’s focus.”

Zagade stressed that at present pollution of thoughts is the worst form of pollution that people are facing. He urged all present to understand this and address it.

“If we can address the ‘thought pollution’ not just within ourselves but everyone around us, then we can have a better society,” said Zagade.

On the occasion, Chordiya said, “Just providing education is not enough but development of the overall personality of students is important. Every student must focus on developing skills as well and this platform provided by Sakal would be very useful.”
Darshana Parmar too shared her views about working in the real estate or construction business which is not a field that many women opt for.

Parmar stated that liking what you do is very important if people want to achieve success.

Shaikh narrates UPSC success story
Ansar Shaikh, who cracked UPSC at his first attempt and ranked 361, also interacted with the students as part of YIN’s summer workshop on Wednesday. He spoke about the poor conditions he lived in and his struggle to clear the UPSC. Ansar, who hails from a village in Jalgaon, said that he had a lot of negative things happening around him but he always ignored it and focused on the positive aspects to move ahead. Shaikh stated that to achieve one’s goal, hard work is very important. He urged youths to be the best in whatever they do and to understand what they want to achieve in life and why.

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