Strive for Transformation!

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The Youth of today, are the leaders of tomorrow! They play a very important role in changing and shaping the future of the economy. They have the right to take advantage of all employment opportunities that are generated in our country. Without their active participation, it is impossible to change the current scenario of the country. Regarding this issue, a discussion “Awaaz YIN chya Tarunai cha” was held between members of the Young Inspirators Network; Mrs. Vaishali Mhade, renowned singer; Mr. Abhijit Panse, MNS Youth wing Chief; Mr. Abhijit Adsul, MLA, Wada Taluka; Mr Avinash Raut, Sarpanch, Vrajeshwari; Mr. Prathmesh Parab, Actor; Mrs Durga Mullu Gudilu, Social Activist, Mr. Niranjan Davkhare, MLA and Mr. Tejas Gujarathi, YIN co-ordinator.

The Young Inspirators Network will be conducting elections in various colleges across the state. According to the dignitaries, this initiative will help in making youth aware of social issues, and will also educate them on how to overcome them.

Mrs. Vaishali Mhade said, “I have always stood against prevailing social customs in the society; and made a promise to fight for change. Today, the situation is different and better. However, we have to remember that to make things right, you have to stand for it and fight against the evil.”

According to Mr. Niranjan Davkhare, “Today’s Youth is very practical and knowledgeable. They don’t believe in the caste system and they will help in removal of caste discrimination from the society.”

Mr. Tejas Gujarathi further added, “In recent years the system of election in colleges was stopped and we think this has curbed the leadership qualities in the students. Taking this into consideration, we have re-introduced elections in the colleges. This will provide a platform to the youth to raise various social issues and also instil leadership qualities in them. ”

Mr. Abhijit Panse said, “Today’s generation does not have a very good view towards politics. Very few students want to enter politics or be an integral part of it. To change their vision towards politics, we have introduced the concept of Elections in colleges.”

The Sakal Media Group and Young Inspirators Network will organize these elections across the state in a very transparent and verified manner.