SSF provides aid to students from drought-hit areas!

SSF Image resizedMr. Ashok Beharay and Mr. Ramkumanr Rathi, Builders will pay for the meal expenses of 50 girl students hailing from drought-affected areas for the next six months. The two builders have extended this help under the initiative of Sakal Social Foundation (SSF) to come to the rescue of drought-affected students studying in the city’s educational institutes.

Mr. Pravin Anarase, an official from the Meteorology Department, has also given a donation of Rs 1 lakh for this initiative.

Mrs. Mrinal Pawar, Director, Sakal Media Group received the cheques at a function held recently. Mr. Uddhav Bhadsalkar, Senior Manager, SSF and Mr. Sunil Mali, Associate Editor, Sakal Media Group were also present on this occassion.

According to Ms. Vijayalaxmi Pattewar, a student who has come here from Nanded to pursue education, “People in the drought-affected areas are facing hardships. Nonetheless, our people have sent us to Pune for education. Most parts of Maharashtra did not receive rainfall this year. As a result, the people have to face struggles to live. How can they send money to us for education under such circumstances? To live in Pune, we need at least Rs 4,000 per month and, due to the drought, we cannot even return to our villages. Therefore, we will never forget the help given to us by the Sakal Social Foundation.”

Ms. Rohini Kadam, a student from Osmanabad, said, “Our parents have sent us to Pune with dreams that we will learn and achieve something in our lives. We feared that these dreams will be shattered because of the drought. However, fortunately we have received financial help from various sources. With this, we can still fulfill our dreams.”

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