Session on social audit by SILC

session_silcThe Sakal International Learning Centre (SILC) will be conducting a half day session to understand the need for management, how to measure social impact and the importance of social audit at Sakal Nagar in Baner on January 12 between 9 am and 12 noon.

The event is being planned to benefit Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) managers, heads of NGOs, social entrepreneurs, social workers, change agents, strategists, project managers, micro-finance managers, managers of social finance bodies, HR managers, individuals and students.

CSR, social work, social enterprise and social entrepreneurship are the buzz words doing the rounds of the corporate and social sectors. Uplifting and empowering people at the bottom of the pyramid is a cause close to the heart of several people. Several projects, events and activities are conducted with a lot of dedication and enthusiasm to promote or support a cause.

However, the most important question that remains is if the efforts result in bringing about desired changes? How many changes or what impact was generated by the efforts? Who really benefited from the efforts? And has an organisation conducted an independent assessment of the method or outcomes?

The session organised by SILC aims at finding answers to these questions.

Participants can get additional details about the course from Trupti at 860569900 or over the mail at