Sakal launches its new edition in Akola!

Sakal will give direction to State, says Gadkari

On the occasion of launch of Akola edition of Sakal, Mr. Nitin Gadkari, Union Road Transport Minister, praised the leading newspaper for thinking about the future of the society.

Mr. Gadkari said, “Sakal is committed to the cause of social awakening and education. It  will also  inspire the people in the Varhad region for ushering in development.”

According to him, ” The taste of the people is changing continuously and the society is facing a variety of challenges. The Sakal Media Group is providing perspectives to find solutions to these challenges. The newspaper does not only offer criticism but also contributes to solve various fundamental issues.”

Mr. Gadkari also expressed confidence that Sakal will take into account the strong and weak points of the Vardhad region and will offer it a new vision to achieve progress.

The launch ceremony was attended by Shri. Pratap Pawar, Chairman, Sakal Media Group; Mrs. Bharati Pawar, Mr. Sudhir Mungantiwar, State Finance Minister; Dr Ranjit Patil, District Guradian Minister, Akola; Mrs. Ujjwala Deshmukh, Mayor, Akola; Mr. Ravikant Tupkar, Chairman, Maharashtra Textile Corporation; Mr. Sanjay Dhotre, Mr. Prataprao Jadhav, Mrs. Bhavana Gawli, MPs; Mr. Subhash Rathi, Chairman, Washim Urban Bank and Dr Raviprakash Dani, Vice-Chancellor, Agriculture University.

Shri. Pratap Pawar said, “Sakal aims at providing quality news and information and also wishes to contribute to the development of the local people. The Sakal Media Group has always given priority to the interests of the common masses. We have stood by the common people and will continue to do so in future.”

Shri. Pawar said that Sakal Media Group has given top importance to social commitment. “During the last two years, we have hardly spent Rs 5 crore to increase as much as 500 crore of litres of water and this scheme was successfully implemented with people’s participation. The scheme was implemented through members of Tanishka Foundation and 10,000 sarpanches. Whenever the country’s various regions – right from Jammu and Kashmir to Kanyakumari – faced a crisis, the Sakal Media Group has rushed to the rescue of people. This has been the tradition of the Sakal Media Group for the past 60 years.”

Shri. Pawar further added, “Elected representatives, government officers and associated agencies are participating in various social projects joining in our social initiatives.”

A special issue of ‘Varhad Vaibhav’ was also released by the chief guests on this occasion.

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