Sakal: The newspaper of the future scales new heights

sakal-futureSakal readership grows at a robust 15% in rural Maharashtra in IRS 2014. Adds record number of women and graduates to its kitty and aligns with the affluent emerging middle class.

While media strategists get busy writing lopsided obituaries for the print medium, Sakal – the 9-edition strong flagship publication of Sakal Media Group – has reversed the trend completely in Maharashtra. In the latest Indian Readership Survey 2014 released last week, Sakal emerged as the fastest growing newspaper with more new readers across the spectrum.

Growing at a blazing pace of 15 per cent over 2013 in rural Maharashtra, Sakal has added 3 lakh new readers to its readership over the previous year. In fact, with a year-on-year readership growth of 8.1 per cent in the state, Sakal is far ahead of Maharashtra’s consolidated readership growth rate of 1.8 per cent (which is for all newspapers in the state). graph1With a readership of 40.03 lakh, the population of NCCS (New Consumer Classification System) A1 category readers as well as young reader category (20-39 years) is growing at a rate that is fast surpassing competition.
Reasserting its position as Maharashtra’s family newspaper, Sakal also registered the highest growth rate in female readership at 12 per cent.

And it is not just about numbers. Sakal has now ascended to be leader even in terms of quality of readers that it serves. For instance 6.9 lakh readers own a four-wheeler (highest among all Marathi newspapers), which is just one of the parameters that places Sakal in the minds of the affluent middle class.

graph2The glory of Sakal is the success story of its readers and proves that people with aspirations prefer a futuristic newspaper.