Sakal Social Foundation

Founded on the premise of being ‘a medium of social change,’ contribution to and championing of social causes has become ingrained into the ethos of the Sakal Media Group, and has become central to the identity of the group itself. While the seeds of this spirit were planted by Sakal founder, Dr. N. B. Parulekar, it has been nurtured by the Chairman Pratap Pawar and Managing Director Abhijit Pawar.

Right from its inception several decades ago, the Sakal Social Foundation (SSF) has been immersed in activities contributing to the betterment of society. Always working in the spirit of ‘social first,’ SSF has partnered with other organizations across various initiatives to ensure that the benefit is maximized.

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SSF initiatives have a varied typology, ranging from assistance during times of natural calamities to supporting farmers in our agriculture-dependent economy, education, women’s issues as well as activities initiated to address urban concerns SMG promoted Sakal Social Foundation (SSF) is a 70 year old entity with a credible reputation across India and Maharashtra in particular. Our track record, public acceptance and social impact is seen across Maharashtra and for its 120 million population. We are not region or district centric and have presence across all the 35 districts.

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SSF now runs 8 key programs viz.-

  • Education infrastructure capacity building & outreach program
  • Health infrastructure, delivery, capacity building program
  • Women empowerment, inclusion & social development
  • Ecology, environment conservation & relief
  • Cultural conservation & promotion program
  • Agriculture, rural development & livelihood opportunity program
  • Responsible & resilient cities program
  • Advocacy, promotions & awards program

SSF also has the benefit of 3 vibrant and live networks

Tanishka Foundation

The Tanishka Foundation (Tanishka Stree Pritshtha Abhiyaan) is a 110,000 member strong network across 36 districts of Maharashtra and representation from every Taluka. It is a Global peer to peer women’s network focused on ensuring the dignity of women at the individual, household and community level. The network works through fora which provide a universal platform for women to come together via the formation of structured community networks that are supported by a multi-stakeholder ecosystem that identifies and resolves core issues affecting them and ensuring them of a dignified life with emotional, physical and financial security. This is brought about through the implementation of a unique, multi layered structured process that results in tangible changes in their lives across all strata of society, empowering them socially, economically and politically. The Tanishka Foundation stands committed to assuring women of the respect and dignity they deserve, and ensuring that they are at the core of Nation Transformation.

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India’s most innovative agriculture based network. It is also India’s first agri-focused news daily. The Agrowon network comprises of Sarpanch (heads of local villages) and is an educative, informative and enabling platform for understanding the latest and most innovative and efficient practices in agriculture and agri business. Being an agri-focused network the results of the knowledge and best practices imparted has a direct impact on rural livelihoods and thereby rural development. Plans are underway to develop a synergy between the TSPA and AGROWON networks to promote the growth and development of Women Agriculturists and Rural Entrepreneurs. This unique combination of two complimentary and self-empowering networks will soon change the perception of the rural entrepreneurship. The Agrowon network meets once a year for an annual convention. The network can create a extremely large marketplace for promotion of goods and services provided by and for agriculture based entrepreneurs.  This network aims to become a pan India network in the next 10 years. This network is backed by print and TV coverage.

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Our most inspiring and thought provoking network comprising of the top educationists from across India. This network of thought leaders and university heads from the across the country brings to the fore the various issues facing the education system in India today. This is a network for creating viable solutions to erstwhile hurdles in delivering quality education for all. The quality and experience of the members makes this network the most important in terms of seeking or sourcing peer based reviews and collating deep domain research on the various aspects of increasing education outreach and inclusion.The network meets once a year for an annual convention. This network is backed by its own magazine and is supported through print and TV coverage.

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