Sakal Smart Products Fair to be held on 21st & 22nd Nov, 2015.

The Sakal Media Group is all set to organise the ‘Sakal Smart Products Fair 2015’ to provide an impetus to their initiative of making Pune a ‘Smart City’. The fair will be held at Pandit Farms near Mhatre Bridge on November 21st and 22nd from 11 AM to 10 PM.

Each sector has given a very good response in a quest to transform Pune into a ‘Smart City’. Citizens from all sections of society, right from domestic help to homemakers and from students to senior citizens, are all coming forward to help this transformation.

However, there is also a need of smart products and services to facilitate this transformation and the ‘Sakal Smart Products Fair 2015’ will help to fulfil these needs. Several organisations and industrialists design multiple products and services which they consider to be smart and believe that people will need them in future. However, the smartness of their products and services does not reach the people.

The ‘Smart Products Fair 2015’ is a golden opportunity for those organisations and industries, who want to reach out to people with their smart products and services. The fair will serve as a platform for all smart products, initiatives and services including modern CCTV cameras installation, technology that can help conserve water and electricity, construction projects that promote smart lifestyle and others.

Smart projects revolving around various sectors including environment, conserving electricity, clean water, water conservation, transportation, beautification, agriculture production and others are welcome to be showcased in this fair. However, it is necessary that the products or solutions must be Smart.