Sakal Media Group launches ‘Sarva Jal Abhiyan’

Sarva Jal Abhiyan is an endeavour supported by Sakal Media Group with one holistic and inclusive aim – Water for All.

In a nutshell, the Sarva Jal Abhiyan creates, facilitates and implements a public action platform that enables the realisation of water being available to everyone, regardless of economic strata or geographic placement.

Sarva Jal Abhiyan reinforces a very basic virtue about one of nature’s most pristine offering i.e. Water is Wealth. Everyone needs to accumulate, safeguard and maximise this resource, as one would do with personal monetary resources.

To cut a long story short – Water is Wealth! Value It. Preserve It. Enhance It.


This State-wide movement would continue for the next five years with the aim to provide Water for All by 2019.

Water comes to You
Sarva Jal Abhiyan will be launched with Jal Dindi tour under which sacred water from eight Ashta Vinayak temples, transported via multiple intersecting routes, would be distributed to followers in small towns and villages as well as urban areas. Santulan Suvarna Ayu Jal, the sacred bottled water, would be traded to people at large. Local water bodies and agricultural lands will be infused with the sacred water and the people from that region will make a resolve for water prosperity.  Various programmes will be organised to create awareness on the issue.

The Jal Dindi tour under the Sarva Jal Abhiyan will culminate with Jal Manthan or ‘Open Day’ that will be held in Mumbai at Yashwantrao Chavan Auditorium on September 5.

The details of the 32 key initiatives that were developed after an intensive six-week Water Lab will be shared during Jal Manthan. The initiatives were finalised after a discussion between senior government bureaucrats, corporates and NGOs at the Water Lab. Implementation of the  initiatives will allow Maharashtra to be water positive by 2019.

Each of these 32 initiatives are based on achieving ‘Big Fast Results’ methodology, bearing a clear mandate on responsible agency and stakeholders, sourcing of finance and a clear timeline for implementation along with milestone achievement to track performance.

Jal Manthan will present these 32 initiatives in a unique gallery-walk format for all stakeholders including senior government officials and common people, with an aim to refine it further based on the feedback received. The sharing of these initiatives with people for their feedback will be helpful in communicating the importance of water as a valuable resource. It will also highlight their concerns and issues related to water. The exercise aims at involving the stakeholders actively to ensure their support and participation in its implementation.

Along with the gallery wall of the 32 initiatives, Jal Manthan will also consist a high level conference for senior government officials from across departments and functionalities to work on the ‘way forward plan’ for practical implementation to make Maharashtra water positive by 2019.