Sakal Media Group holds series of workshops in Clara Global School!


The Sakal Media Group conducted a series of workshops for two days recently at Clara Global School.

The art and craft workshops (puppet making) were conducted by personnel of Sakal, who provided all the material. The delighted students of Empowering A, B, C and D made hand puppets from scratch and it was a joy to see them scramble around with felt, googly eyes and fake hair.

Similarly, children of Joyful C and D meticulously used powder colours to colour the clown.

The workshops were entertaining as well as educational and were a great experience for the students as they got a chance to enjoy and enhance their learning with the activities organised.

The icing on the cake was the much-awaited magic show on the second day of the event. The magician was entertaining and the children enjoyed his humour as well as his thrilling, mind-boggling magic tricks. There were gasps of amazement and delighted cries of wonder as the children sat enthralled.

A Story Telling Workshop for the pre-primary section was also conducted and much appreciated by all as it helped the children develop their imagination.

Taking learning beyond the classroom was the objective behind the workshops. It created an atmosphere for children to freely explore the realm of their imagination and creativity.