Public participation, tech will help solve issues: Abhijit Pawar!


On Thursday, Abhijit Pawar, Managing Director of Sakal Media Group (SMG), stated that from Central Asia to Europe and even in India, unemployment has become a serious predicament. “India’s struggle in the agriculture sector, unemployment and social changes can be addressed with the help of public participation, an involvement of technology, experts and corporates,” he said.

Pawar was speaking at a meeting organised by the Sakal Media Group in which representatives of various sectors were present. He said, “Unavailability of proper education and skill development has led to a rise in unemployment.”

Expressing his views on the Maratha movement, Abhijit Pawar said, “In the recently organised Maratha Morchas, over one crore people came on the streets. People from all the sectors and classes participated in the rally to support the movement. The manner in which the rally was organised, disciplined and silently, was worth appreciating. The Maratha movement has brought to fore the problems in agriculture and employment. To create job and business opportunities, development of skills is needed. For this, Sakal Media Group has initiated a programme which is transparent and dedicated to the cause. Therefore, we request all to support the cause to create success stories in the months to come.”

Speaking about the implementation of agricultural projects, Pawar said to make any concept a success, public participation is needed.

“Even if a group of prominent people leads the idea, it is important to take every stakeholder along. But for this, it is essential to be aware of the ground realities of the society and the only way for it is public participation. The participation of politicians, authorities, officials, NGOs and investors will play a vital role along with guidance from experts for the progress of the society,” Pawar said.

“For necessary changes in the agriculture sector, apt use of technology, investments and required market value together are important. With the efforts of Vilas Shinde from Nashik, a model organisation named Sahyadri Farmers Producers Company Ltd was formed. Also, in association with Israel’s technology and research works, and pitching in public participation, we are coming up with ‘Model Smart Village’.

“Companies like The Palladium are doing immense work in agriculture and village development. The company works with the government and other corporate companies. The company has shown interest in working with Sakal Media Group in social development. Similarly, we have also collaborated with Israel and Germany in this regard. Sakal Media Group wants everyone to benefit from development.”

Explaining further on Smart Village, Pawar added, “For the development of agriculture, the concept of a smart village can be of great help. Representatives from across the State who are present here should initiate developmental programmes in their villages. If we are successful in taking some concrete steps, then this model will be known to all.”

The mindset that farming is not viable or does not give enough income, has to be changed, he said and requested all participants to take initiatives towards the cause.

Pawar said that entrepreneurship development needs new concepts, their development in scientific manners, their proper selection and investment for them. “This also requires proper education and for this purpose, we can receive help of reputed universities in Israel. Investment is an important constituent and it can be secured through venture capitalist entrepreneurs,” he said, advocated the concept of Mahan Rashtra Start Up Fund.