The Sakal Media Group presents ‘Praveshacha Gateway’

skill-dev-edu-featureThe Sakal Media Group along with the Sakal International Learning Centre(SILC), the Young Inspirators Network(YIN) and the Directorate of Technical Education (DTE) organized the “Praveshacha Gateway” program for the fourth consecutive year to make students and parents fully aware of the admission process for various professional courses. The program was inaugurated and graced by Shri. Vinod Tawde, Minister for Higher and Technical Education; Dr. S.K. Mahajan, Director DTE and other senior officials from the education industry in the College of Engineering Pune(COEP) on 20th June, 2015.

Over the years, private institutions have been conducting similar programs and seminars to guide students in the admission process; but fail to meet the expectations of students and parents.

Keeping this in mind, a joint effort has been taken by the Sakal Media Group and the State Government’s Technical Education Board to help students in the process of choosing the right stream and college before starting with the admission procedure. A live streaming of the seminar had been broadcasted across 200 colleges in various ARC centres across Maharashtra under the Directorate of Technical Education to reach out to students in different parts of the state.

The Young Inspirators Network (YIN) provides a platform to the Youth aged between 18 to 24 years, striving for positive change within their individual, professional and societal spheres. It aims to foster their knowledge, information, understanding of their rights and responsibilities and roles in a participative process so as to turn them into important pillars of the society and enable them to be change leaders in society.

Education plays an extremely important role in this process & the fundamental need is for students to understand the options available to them and make the right choices while deciding on higher studies & skill upgradation.

To bring about a change in the Education sector and empower the Youth and harness their potential, is critical for the economic growth of a country. The Sakal Media Group has always been proactive in taking planned, structured measures in this regard. The “Praveshacha Gateway” program is yet another positive step towards the goal of Youth Empowerment & Nation Transformation.

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