Mr. Abhijit Pawar conferred with the first Global Impact Legacy Honour!

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Mr. Abhijit Pawar, Managing Director, the Sakal Media Group (SMG) and Founder & Chairman, the Delivering Change Foundation (DCF) has been bestowed the first Global Impact Legacy Honour Award, instituted by the Young Presidents Organisation’s – World Presidents Organisation (YPO-WPO).

The award will be presented to Mr. Pawar at a special ceremony organized in Dubai on 9th March, 2016 . The Global Impact Legacy Honour Award recognises Global Impact featured members whose commitment of making a difference is leaving a lasting legacy on the organisation as well as the world. The YPO-WPO has said that Mr. Pawar’s endeavours are guided by what he calls the Trinity-7 model. With this model, Mr. Pawar has aimed at transforming the social, administrative and economic sectors.

According to YPO-WPO, “Any project that Mr. Pawar undertakes will have a large, positive social impact, connect with individuals on an emotional level and be easily implemented with a short-term impact. This is a great way of doing business, where you start by not thinking about yourself, but rather by solving a larger global issue, or a society’s or community’s problems first, and in the process, your problems are also solved.”

Mr. Pawar was also featured with a Global Impact honour in February 2014 for his work through the Tanishka Foundation, a platform that addresses issues affecting women & ensures them of a dignified life with emotional, physical & financial security.

Mr. Pawar has also launched the Delivering Change Foundation (DCF), a globally focused organisation that partners with governments, non-governmental organisations, corporations and communities to bring about a positive socio-economic change.


The Young Presidents Organisation (YPO) is a global forum for young entrepreneurs leading industries in various sectors. The forum has over 24,000 young entrepreneurs and other members leading industries from 130 nations across the world. Besides exchanging ideas, YPO members also help each other to gain knowledge. The YPO’s senior members are members of the WPO.

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