Krishi Culture

-KrishiCulture- Krishi Culture 2018 is a one day Summit that aims to impart knowledge to the farmers about smart farming through the latest technologies, trends and tools, thus enabling them to learn newer skills. The intention is to cultivate smart, secure and skilled farmers. And that is the very theme of this Conference – Skilled. Smart. Secured. Experts in various fields associated with agriculture will share information about ways to adopt smart farming, and procedures to ensure farm, land and personal security and insurance. Avenues to explore newer varieties of crops and ways of cultivation, and diversify into or add newer agriculture-related ventures will be introduced too. The experiential initiative will include innovative products and solutions in the agriculture eco-system, an exhibition and a closed-door session where start-ups in the agriculture sector will pitch their innovations and businesses to potential financiers/ Venture Capitalists. The exhibition, display of Innovative products/ solutions and the start-ups’ session called Agripreneurs’ Arena will run concurrent to the main Conference.