Expectations from women’s point of view!


Sakal’s Delivering Change Foundation (DCF) conducted a survey under its ‘Maharashtra’s Expectations’ programme, in which women from various sectors and age groups were surveyed and suggestions were taken from them.

The women were asked about their expectations for family, jobs, future prospects and what their aspirations for further growth in life. The main aim of the survey was to observe the future of Maharashtra in various fields through a woman’s perspective.

The aim of this survey is to keep the common man in the centre while planning any development activities and to fulfill their dreams.

The Sakal Media Group has held discussions on various topics under 16 different sectors. Sakal made an effort to know the expectations of people about the development in the State.


The Sakal Media Group has been able to show time and again that transformation can be brought around if the common man, government machinery and experts come together.

To find a solution to the city’s traffic problems, the Sakal Media Group observed Pune Bus Day.

To solve the problem of drinking water in the State, the newspaper group organised a water conference. With a resolve to give a nutritious diet to the police officials, Sakal implemented a programme called ‘Tandurust Bandobast’.

Apart from this, Tanishka Women’s Dignity Forum and Young Inspirators Network (YIN) were founded to provide a platform to bring out the hidden talents among women and youths. Through all these programmes, the Sakal Media Group has created a bond with all social elements.

In the next phase, the Sakal Media Group is trying to gauge the expectations of people in Maharashtra through the programme ‘Maharashtra’s Expectations’ which is starting from Monday.

As a part of this programme, the Sakal Media Group will take into account, the expectations of women who constitute 50 per cent of the state’s population.

While looking at the expectations from the point of view of women, we will not just discuss women’s issues but also look at each sector from ‘her’ perspective.

Just like women, who put the welfare of the family at the forefront, the challenges in each sector, direction of development, investment and employment opportunities and all related aspects will be considered from a woman’s perspective.


While discussing with experts from various sectors, women’s perspective was referred to time and again.

The Sakal Media Group is taking this initiative with an aim of welfare of Maharashtra, development which is smart and all-inclusive and devoid of politics.

This programme is being implemented for sustainable development and we feel that temporary differences should be set aside while on the road to progress.

While considering the greater good of the state, the Sakal Media Group believes in helping the government in finding solutions to various challenges.


Only the citizens have the power to resolve multiple long-pending issues.

This is the reason that we are appealing to the common man to inform the Sakal Media Group about the issues they feel must be addressed on priority.

The common people must also inform us about appropriate solutions within the framework of the law on such pending issues.
People can share this information by calling up at Sakal Media Group’s various offices, Saam TV, e-sakal, WhatsApp, Twitter and Facebook. To make their issues heard, they can also get help from Tanishka Women’s Dignity Forum. Anyone can participate in this initiative and all inputs will be welcomed whole-heartedly. People can send their questions to the Sakal Media Group from Monday onwards. The questions will be categorised into 16 sectors, ranging from Agriculture, Water, Health, Urban Development, Basic Infrastructure, Business, Information and Technology and others.

Starting from September 19, the Sakal Media Group will focus on each and every sector in a fixed format. A time-table for the same will also be released.

From each sector, experts, officers and concerned members from the concerned ministry will participate in the panel discussions arranged on Saam TV.

The solutions are set to emerge from these discussions. Till September 30, this initiative aimed at creating an awareness will be run through the Sakal Media Group, Saam TV and e-sakal.

We expect people’s participation to make this initiative a success. We are confident that a knowledgeable and rational Maharashtra will respond to this appeal in a positive manner.