Eco-friendly techniques a must for Smart City!

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<p>The Pune District Cooperative Housing Federation has assured raising awareness and educating people living in various housing societies and complexes across the city about eco-friendly techniques such as rainwater harvesting, waste management, solar energy consumption, water saving methods, etc. in order to make Pune a Smart City. Delivering Change Foundation (DCF) and Sakal Media Group (SMG) along with Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) have launched this campaign . A meeting was organized by Pune District Cooperative Housing Federation in this regard.</p>
<p>The attendees list of meeting included Mr. Suhas Patwardhan, President, Pune District Cooperative Housing Federation; Ms. Manisha Koshti, Secretary,Pune District Cooperative Housing Federation; Mr. Kashinath Talekar, Mr. Ram Divekar, Mr. Anil Asagekar, Mr. Chintamani Bapat and Mr. Subhash Dhawale amongst a few retired police officers. In this meeting, the federation proposed a demand for empty plots in order to develop budget-friendly housing societies for common people.</p>
<p>Mr. Suhas Patwardhan, President of the Federation proposed an additional two and half sq. ft. FSI to be given to the societies who have applied for redevelopment. He also emphasized on the need to develop housing projects under the guidance of Central Government.</p>
<p>According to Mr. Chintamani Bapat, “ Slum Rehabilitation Project should be kick-started on priority and strict regulations should be laid on housing rent restrictions. Precautions also should be taken to prohibit unauthorized construction. The housing societies can benefit from the advantages of waste-classification, rainwater harvesting, solar energy consumption, vermicompost projects, etc. The work of creating awareness can be handed to few voluntary organizations of the city.”</p>
<p>Mr. Kashinath Talekar further added, “The responsibility to stop illegal construction lies with the Municipal Corporation and Police Department. Illegal construction is a cognizable offence and a criminal offence should be charged on the people involved in such activities.”</p>
<p>The attendees also recommended the usage of footpaths for all pedestrians and demanded the installation of water meters in all housing societies.</p>