‘DCF, SMG have people’s support to solve problems’


“Common people are highlighting their demands by launching agitations, which is happening across the globe. We can find lasting solutions to their problems with the help of global institutions. Let us create a great Maharashtra and great India. Let us participate in the projects launched by Sakal Media Group (SMG) and Delivering Change Foundation (DCF) to achieve a sustainable development,” said Abhijit Pawar, Managing Director of Sakal Media Group (SMG) here on Tuesday.

Pawar was speaking at a two-day conference organised by DCF and SMG here.

Speaking about complex local issues, Pawar said, “Every section of society should be developed. This will happen only with the help of innovative and effective research that is being carried out in the world.” He said there are many problems in society and solutions have to be found with the help of experts.

“Jobs, skills and financial issues are the main problems faced by the world. Local issues are much more complicated and these should be solved scientifically,” he said.

“Problems of women, farmers and youths should be sorted out. Global organisations can help you solve them. However, all citizens have to come together for this purpose. DCF and SMG have prepared an agenda to solve their problems,” Pawar said.

“The SMG has reached out to 70 lakh women across the State through the Tanishka Women’s Dignity Forum. Simultaneously, 16 lakhs students from 4,000 colleges are also connected with the group through Young Inspirators Network (YIN). Over 10 lakh farmers are connected with the SMG. DCF can solve their problems as these sections are directly participating in its projects,” he said.

“The SMG and DCF have an agenda ‘Board room to grass-root’, for which it has support of the people, government and many global partners. We want to implement the agenda transparently. Development should be beyond caste and religion,” he said.

Pawar said DCF is focusing on development of some select sectors, in which farmers have been chosen on priority. “Three lakh farmers are going to be trained by institutions from Israel,” he said.

Urging the participants to join hands in this work, Pawar said, “The SMG and DCF is a platform for development of women, youths and all sections of society. So, come forward and take advantage of the opportunity! We have an apex council, which has a role much like the chief minister’s council, which is close to grassroots. So, be a part of this transformation! This conference will give an overview of all sectors.”

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