‘DCF is an effective medium for transformation’


Connecting boardroom to grassroots is crucial for bringing about a desired change in society and Delivering Change Forum (DCF) aims at connecting the dots and converging efforts for this transformation, Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis said.

Fadnavis was speaking at the inaugural function of the ‘Delivering Change Forum’ (DCF) at Nehru Centre, Mumbai on Tuesday.

This is the right time to implement new concepts leading to transformation in a country which has the largest youth population in the world, he said. “We have to strive hard so that these new emerging concepts reach policy makers and then are implemented,” said Fadnavis.

To achieve this, NGOs and experts need to join hands with the government, he said.

In a democracy, many groups work at various levels, Fadnavis said, and added, “Many of them appear to be in the driver’s seat. However, in reality, they serve political and social interests of specific people. But to ensure all-round development of the State, all need to come together. This forum will make it possible,” said Fadnavis.

Through DCF, these efforts can be integrated, he said. In India, 50 per cent of the population is below the age of 27 years. Similarly, 65 per cent population is below 35 years. This is the largest age group in India and in Maharashtra, which can bring about the desired transformation. “We need to reap benefits of having the largest youth population,” the chief minister said.

He added, “We are blessed with new technology and we have the ability to implement new concepts. We should use this manpower in a positive manner, otherwise it could prove to be a curse. India will not get this advantage all the time.”

In 2010, India became the country having the largest youth population in the world. This situation will start changing in 2035. “We have 17-18 years at our disposal. We can bring about a positive change in this time span,” said Fadnavis. “In all, 17 sectors have been chosen to ensure a positive change. If we concentrate on these 17 sectors, including education and health, there will be a significant change in coming seven years in Maharashtra and in India,” said Fadnavis, adding, “Good governance and positive thinking is needed for the same.”

Praising Abhijit Pawar, the Managing Director of Sakal Media Group, the Chief Minister said, “The credit for implementing the concept of DCF goes to Abhijit Pawar. An apolitical person alone can bring all the people together for social change. Abhijit Pawar has done the same in exceptionally good manner. Through initiatives such as DCF, YIN and Tanishka, women and students have been brought together for a social change. Such an initiative is an important part of the change.”

“Agriculture is undergoing a change due to global warming and climate change. In years to come, while performing several experiments in agriculture, it is equally important to encourage youngsters to take up modern farming. Today’s entrepreneurs need to create awareness about how it is rewarding, if one invests money in farming,” said Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis.

Many companies are carrying out several activities in sectors such as health, education and skill development under their CSR (Corporate social responsibility) in 1,000 villages chosen by the State government. The target is set to carry out all-round development work in these villages. In the next phase, 2,500 villages will be brought under the scheme.

To initiate social change, there is a need of a special platform such as DCF. Through this forum, all sections of society should come together and not only envision the social change but also make it possible. The forum should prepare a road map for this change, said Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis.

Sakal Media Group is fulfilling its social commitment through initiatives such as Tanishka and YIN. As the social change is underway, developments in financial, educational and social sectors should reach all sections of society, said Fadnavis.

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