Brainstorming to change scenario in Maharashtra!


A two-day brainstorming conference of the Delivering Change Forum (DCF) will be held in Mumbai, starting from Tuesday. Many eminent personalities who are committed to bringing about a positive change in the society by going beyond their respective professional goals, will attend this two-day conference.

Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis will inaugurate the conference which has been jointly organised by Sakal Media Group and the DCF, in co-operation with the State government and many prestigious institutions from across the world.

The DCF has been a forum to help experts coming from various walks of life and who have been working for various strata of society, to create a wise society. The DCF has taken the lead in this direction. Experts from various countries and eminent invitees from across the State, who are active in several fields, will work to bring about a positive change in Maharashtra in the future.

The meet will be held in the state-of-the-art complex of the Nehru Centre. DCF Founder and Chairman Abhijit Pawar will elaborate on the concept of the conference.

Experts will present their experiences at the meet. These experts have governmental and managerial experiences and passion for bringing about a change in the society. They have honed these skills while working for the upliftment of the downtrodden in every nook and corner of the world while using modern technology. These experts, who have successfully brought about a change through their projects at many places in the world, will reveal their methodologies during various sessions that will be held during the two-day convention.

The experts participating in this conference are active in the fields of rural and urban development, basic infrastructure, health, education, agriculture, water, cooperation, women and child welfare, social justice, law, industry and trade, energy, finance and revenue. They have been continuously studying the latest developments in their respective fields.

This conference promises to give these experts the unique opportunity to interact with each other and to share details about the effective methodologies developed by them while working on the projects. The experts will also discuss the nature of challenges faced by them and how to overcome them.

They will also provide insights on how to establish a dialogue with members of the society. They will discuss on how to mingle with the people while working for them and challenges faced while doing so. Similarly, they will discuss how to solve these problems by using technology and management skills to deliver effective methodologies.

These experts and representatives participating in this conference will continue to jointly work even after this meet in the fields chosen by Sakal Media Group and the DCF. It is an effort to raise the standard of life of people living in rural and urban areas by delivering positive change in these fields.
PEMANDU (which functions under the aegis of the Malaysian Prime Minister’s Office) CEO and BFR Institute MD Dato’ Seri Idris Jala, IDC Herzliya, president and founder Uriel Reichman, IDC Herzliya Research and Global Engagement Director Eric Zimmerman, ZKM Karlsruhe MD Christiane Riedel, Tel Aviv Yafo Municipality Chief Knowledge Officer Zohar Sheron, Horasis Chairman Frank Juergen Richter, Palladium Strategic Growth and Innovative Development Financing Head Peter Vanderwal, Vital Capital Founding Partner Eytan Stibbe, Palladium Global Brand Director Isteban Gomez Nadal, Catapult Ideas Founder and CEO Joshua Caleb Collins, Palladium Thought Leadership Director Eduardo Tugendhat, ZKM Chairman and CEO Peter Weibel, Berlin University of the Arts Design Research Lab head Gesche Joost, Germany Baden Wuerttemberg Science, Research and the Arts Minister Petra Olchowski, Snapp Co-Founder Assaf Kindler, Musketeer app Founder and CEO Shaul Avidov, Programmer and Digital Artist Eyal Gever, Philosopher and writer Peter Sloterdijk, Allan Gray Orbis Foundation CEO Anthony Farr, Founder and CEO of MentorCloud Ravi Gundlapalli, Fraunhofer Institute of Interfacial Engineering and Biotechnology (IGB) Director Katja Schenke-Layland, Jethro Ltd CEO & Founder Gabi (Gavriel) Nahum, Palladium EMEA Region Director Jose Maria Ortiz and Pune Municipal Commissioner Kunal Kumar.


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