‘Be entrepreneurs, focus on generating more jobs’


Pratap Pawar, Chairman of Sakal Media Group, addressed engineering students at the inauguration of a three-day entrepreneurship event in the city.

The Chairman of the Sakal Media Group, Pratap Pawar, has called upon engineering students to become entrepreneurs which could lead to the creation of jobs.

Pawar was addressing the engineering students on Thursday after inaugurating the ‘Techno Entrepreneur 2k16,’ a three-day entrepreneurship event organised by JSPM Imperial College of Engineering and Research in Wagholi.

“The availability of jobs is reducing with developments in technology. Hence, it is important that there are more entrepreneurs as they are the ones who will generate jobs. In the future, importance will surely be given to new innovations. You have to prepare yourselves for that and have updated knowledge of what new is happening,” said Pawar.

According to the Chairman of the Sakal Media Group, one should never have a negative attitude. “Never say that you don’t have the material or access or don’t know something. What I have achieved is not the work of a day. Work with devotion and success will surely come to you,” said Pawar.

The Co-founder and Chairman of Universal Steel Information Technology (USIT), Shekhar Kulkarni, said, “After 20 years, the person loses his product patent in India. Hence, look into those old patents and identify the one that you can manufacture. That can be a great start for your business.”

The Principal of the college, Dilip Shah, said, “It is important to be an entrepreneur. You have to create jobs. When you work for a company, it is just distribution of wealth, but an entrepreneur is making wealth.”

Around 400 participants across Pune had enrolled for the entrepreneurship event. The three-day event has 10 sessions that include entrepreneurship awareness, industrial visits, business plan competition and social and technology startup expo.

The main aim of the event is to spread awareness about entrepreneurship among the engineers and develop creative ideas into business plans.

During these three days, speakers who will address the participants include Darshana Parmar Jain, Deputy Managing Director, Ishwar Parmar Group, Sandeep Kulkarni, Founder Director, Image Provision Technologies and Suresh Umap, Regional Officer, Maharashtra Centre for Entrepreneurship Development Pune.

Entrepreneurs needed: Pawar
“The availability of jobs is reducing with developments in technology. Hence, it is important that there are more entrepreneurs,” Pawar said.