Ashoka Foundation explores a strategic partnership with the Tanishka Foundation


On 7th Aug, 2015, the Ashoka Foundation came forth with a proposal for a strategic partnership in the field of societal development and welfare to the Tanishka Foundation at the Sakal International Learning Centre (SILC), Pune.

The session began with Dr. Ashwin Naik introducing the Ashoka Foundation, its core values and concepts, and various programs runs by them in the field of social development. Members from the Delivering Change Foundation(DCF) presented the concept of the Tanishka Foundation; and emphasized on the role played by them in empowering women at the individual, household and at the community level. The aim of the Tanishka Foundation is to resolve core issues affecting their lives and provides a platform that ensures a dignified life with Emotional, Physical and Financial Security.

Representatives from the Ashoka Foundation conducted short sessions to present the work carried out by their social enterprises. They introduced a few organizations associated with them such as Lend-A-Hand India, Shelter Associates, Samagra and Gangotree Eco Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

After every presentation, a question and answer round helped Tanishka members clear their doubts related to commitment expected, project feasibility and financial support for the respective projects.