All of Pune to be a part of ‘Smart City’ initiative

According to Mr Kunal Kumar, Pune Municipal Commissioner, ” The entire city has been taken into consideration while planning the Smart City initiative. All the opinions and ideas shared by the citizens will be implemented under this initiative. As per the Smart City manual of our Central Government, the city’s Municipal Corporation will plan a proper layout including civil works and the whole city along with the suburban areas will reap the benefits of the same. Robust transportation system, water supply, sanitation, waste management, environmental issues, safety and energy-security are some of the specific priority areas to be worked on as suggested by the citizens. The Government will work on all these areas in order to make the city Smart.”

The Government has also made it mandatory to select all suburban areas of the city that need to be developed as a model for ‘Smart City’ initiative. Areas like Aundh, Baner and Balewadi will be the initial models for Smart City project development. Later these models will be extrapolated across the entire city.

Mr. Anil Pawar, PMC Deputy Municipal Commissioner said, “Aundh, Baner and Balewadi will be the first areas to be covered under the Smart City project.”

A meeting was also scheduled in this regard where all Mohalla Committee members, Municipal officials and representatives of the Regional Office were present. The list of attendants included Mr Anil Pawar, Deputy Municipal Commissioner; Mr Umesh Mali, Assistant Municipal Commissioner; Mr Sandeep Kadam, Ward Assistant Commissioner; Mr Baburao Chandere, Local Corporator; Mrs Ranjana Murkute, Corporator; Mr. Dattratreya Gaikwad, Former Mayor and many more.

Information about the future work and measures were given by Mr. Anil Pawar. He said, “All the infrastructural plans executed in Aundh, Baner and Balewadi under the Smart City initiative will be replicated successfully across the entire city. To make Pune a ‘Smart City’, it is important for all of us to get involved and work together as a united force.” He also made an appeal to all NGOs, social activists, citizens and students to actively participate and make this initiative a success.