Vision & values


Sakal Media Group’s vision is for sustainable, equitable and measurable socio economic growth and transformation through all its businesses.


Underlying the entire group’s transformation initiatives, is a governance model stemming from the fundamental values that are the essence to the Sakal Media Group as a whole. All verticals as well as projects identified across sectors are born out of these basic values. While growth is our objective, it is imperative for this growth to be entrenched in a strong value system.

The ST-7 model defines the fundamental values espoused by the group and will be the acid test that all projects will be put through. Projects are evaluated first for their social impact and then the manner of implementation. Once the project’s positive impact on society is determined, the implementation will have to engage and connect with the stakeholders and be based on inclusive participation and consensus of all involved. Implementation paths chosen will also ensure accountability and transparency, efficiency and comply with the rule of law.

Sakal Trinity 7 model-option2