Aamir Khan to be Chief Inspirator of Young Inspirators’ Network

The Young Inspirators Network (YIN) being set up by the Delivering Change Foundation (DCF) will be launched in Mumbai on 19th of August with much fanfare.

Well-known actor and social change-maker, Aamir Khan will be the Chief Inspirator of YIN and over 400 students from more than 200 colleges across Maharashtra will participate in the launch and training events to be held on August 19 and 20 in Mumbai.

amir-150x150At the launch events next week, students will be trained on the Forum process followed by the Young Presidents’ Organisation (YPO) and given a detailed account of the network’s activities. These students or inspirators will in turn lead Forums in their own colleges and grow the network and lead in efforts towards personal, professional and social change. The number of students undertaking the training had to be restricted to 400 for next week’s launch and training and there are more students and colleges that have shown interest in joining YIN.

The Delivering Change Foundation is led by Abhijit Pawar, who is also the Managing Director of the Sakal Media Group. DCF is an independent non-governmental organisation to effect positive change in the lives of communities through delivering transformative socio-economic programmes.

“I am delighted that Aamir Khan has agreed to be our Chief Inspirator of the Young Inspirators Network. Aamir stands for everything that the Delivering Change Foundation and YIN aim to achieve. It is our belief that each of us stakeholders of society need to do our bit to help effect change in society. Aamir leads by example and I am sure he will inspire youth leaders who are set to congregate to do the same”, said Abhijit Pawar, MD of Sakal Media Group and Chairman of Delivering Change Foundation.